How Much Protein Does An Egg White Contain?

How Much Protein Does An Egg White Contain?

Protein is one of the most essential nutrients required for our body. Trillions of cells are present inside us and protein is there in every cell. It is helpful in a number of operations. Like, an adequate amount of protein in the body helps to keep the immune system strong. It is also supportive in our growth, maintains our body’s pH, and regulates hormones.  Ultimately, you can understand protein as an important asset for good health.

Now, the important thing that comes to mind is how should we get the protein! A lot of natural sources along with supplements are available by which you can obtain this nutrient. But this time, we will bring your attention to a thing that will help to fulfill its need. Yes, we are talking about eggs, particularly egg whites.

About Egg White

Generally, we observe two colors inside the egg. The first one is white and the other one is yellow. The yellow-colored portion is known as egg yolk, white the rest of the portion is egg white. It is also known as the albumen and works as a shock absorber. It safeguards the yolk against microorganisms. There are several kinds of proteins in an egg white. It is also considered a complete protein. This is due to the presence of all necessary 9 amino acids which our body can’t create on its own.

Egg White For Protein

You must have seen gym enthusiasts taking dozens of eggs every day in their diet. Have you ever asked why they bring attention to this particular thing? If not, we will help you in this context. They have to build muscles and keep active. And for that, they take help from natural supplements like eggs. A single egg can deliver around 6 grams of protein and that’s a great number in comparison to other products. According to a study, it has been mentioned that egg whites have nearly 90 percent of water and 10 percent of protein. But, eating a whole egg might lead to some problems. Like, those having cholesterol problems or don’t want to get many calories should prefer egg white only.

Now, let’s know about the advantages of eating an egg white.

Benefits of Eating Egg White

  1. It can give nearly 3.6 grams of protein.
  2. Contains almost zero fat and cholesterol. Whereas, a whole egg can have 5 grams of fat and 185 mg of cholesterol (approx).
  3. It contains a low amount of calories (17-18). On the other side, a whole egg involves three to four times more calories.
  4. People with diabetes, heart-related problems, or high cholesterol can prefer it as compared to the whole egg due to minimal cholesterol levels.
  5. Due to the presence of a good amount of potassium, egg whites can also promote a balanced level of blood pressure. Potassium is required to balance higher levels of blood pressure. But, before taking this step, talk to the doctor first.
  6. Some people feel tired or dizzy in a short period of time. One of the main reasons behind this problem can be a lack of iron in the body. For that, you can start eating egg whites that can make feel energetic for a longer time.
  7. There is also a presence of calcium in egg whites that promote stronger bones.
  8. An egg white involves other essential nutrients like magnesium, phosphorous, and sodium.

Eggs From Orgeat Nutrition

As you can see that an egg is a nutrient-rich food that you can use every day. So, if you’re looking for a diet that could boost your protein level, considering egg white will be a great option. And if you’re ready to build strong muscles and reach a good physique, we are ready to assist. Make efforts from your side and we will assist with delivering high-quality eggs from our side. Even if you eat whole eggs or egg whites, make sure to cook them first. Don’t eat raw eggs as they are known to bring some health-related problems.

The Concluding Note

We hope you have learned something new from this blog. Try to eat healthy items and bring this nutrient-rich diet for your family as well. Order eggs from Orgeat Nutrition to experience the taste of farm fresh eggs. You can order them easily at affordable prices with the help of our online presence. Else, kindly talk to us on the mentioned numbers.