What Kinds Of Vitamins Are Found In Eggs?

What Kinds Of Vitamins Are Found In Eggs?

Vitamins are known to be one of the important forms of nutrition needed for the body to be healthy. If our body gets a sufficient amount of vitamins, we can stay away from several health disturbances. They are classified as organic compounds and several kinds of vitamins are there to see. All of them have different roles in keeping us healthy and maintaining various functions of the body. You can find the presence of these vitamins in several natural foods. But today, we will chiefly talk about what kinds of vitamins can a person obtain from eggs and how those vitamins can benefit us.

Vitamins In Eggs

An egg is one of the healthiest food to eat as it is packed with several nutrients. It is loaded with different kinds of vitamins. We will convey some information about those vitamins by which you can get some valuable information.

1. Vitamin A


We need an appropriate amount of vitamin A for various reasons. The first thing is that it plays an essential role in protecting the eyesight. A lack of this vitamin can also lead to night blindness. Else, it promotes a healthy immune system, keeps the bones healthy, assists in maintaining a healthy reproductive system in men and women, etc.

2. Vitamin D


A lot of people know this vitamin as we can get it from sunlight. But it is also available in different foods like eggs. It plays a significant role in the absorption of calcium and phosphorous that work for the betterment of our bones and teeth. It is also helpful in keeping the immune system strong.

3. Vitamin E


Vitamin E can also benefit us in different ways. For example, it improves skin health and helps in skin disorders like eczema. It is also associated with improving the function of the lungs. It is helpful in reducing dysmenorrhea which is a pain linked with menstruation. This kind of vitamin also proves to be a good antioxidant for the body.

4. Vitamin K


Our body requires the presence of vitamin K because it proves to be crucial in bone metabolism and blood clotting. It is also beneficial for our bones as it helps to decrease the possibility of fractures. It may lower the chances of a heart disease called stroke.

5. Vitamin B


Vitamin B is also an important vitamin to observe in the list. It is responsible for some crucial functions of the body. There a total of eight B vitamins having different functions. All of them, in combined, are known as vitamin B complex. Such vitamins allow the body to use energy from food. They are also valuable for a healthy skin. Even they are important to keep the brain functions proper. According to studies, they can also help in the prevention of several types of cancer.

There is a presence of vitamin B2, B5 and B12 in the eggs. Vitamin B2, or riboflavin is important in red blood cells development, energy metabolism, fighting with radicals and in cell growth. Vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid helps to convert the consumed food into active energy along with breaking down fats. Vitamin B12 helps in the good functioning of both the immune and nervous systems.

Apart from the mentioned ones, there is a presence of choline, biotin, and folate in the eggs.

Start Using Eggs Today

All these things may look surprising to some people. But, it is a fact that eating an egg can deliver numerous health benefits. Even it has been said if someone eats two eggs a day, he can fulfill 10 to 30 percent of his vitamin necessity. So, if you’re skipping this healthy food in your daily meal, start adding it today.

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